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Terms of use

Customer contract for using the software SANTOS Brushless Recipe Maker

This software is only dedicated to SANTOS Brushless Blender 62.
All rights reserved to SANTOS
The use is governed by a license agreement. By using this site, you accept the license.
Should you have any any question, please contact SANTOS by email : santos@santos.fr
The transfer between the software and the Blender requires a standard USB stick not provide by SANTOS. For further details, please refer to the specific instructions.

Important: read carefully

This contract covers the use of the software « Brushless Blender Recipe Maker » edited by SANTOS. By accessing this site, you accept the terms of this contract.
If you do not accept the terms of this contract, please leave the site.
This software is protected by the laws of copyright and international treaties, and laws and treaties on intellectual property.

This software is free, but submitted to a user contract being this document, which explains the terms and conditions of the software license.

This software is only intended to the SANTOS Brushless Blender N° 62.
All right reserved by SANTOS.

For any question, contact SANTOS by e-mail: santos@santos.frsantos@santos.fr  .

A standard USB key, which is not provided by SANTOS, is needed for file transfer between this software and the Blender.

1.    Definitions

1.1    The customer

« The customer » or « the user » defines the person who downloads and installs this software.

2.    License agreement

2.1    Rights and limits

SANTOS hereby offers to the user a non exclusive and non transferable right to use this software, in respect of the following conditions:

2.1.1    Rights

The user can install and use this software on one or many computers on which he is the main user. He can not give a copy of the software to anyone else, in any mean or intention. He may make one bakup copy. He may use it only to reinstall the software on his computer

2.1.2    Limitations

It is forbidden to make a reverse engineering. The user is not allowed with any mean to get access to the source code. Uncompiling or unassembling is forbidden.
It is forbidden to separate the elements of the software. The composing elements must absolutely not be separate for another use.

3.    Resiliation

This license will be cancelled if the user does not respect the terms and conditions herein listed. The user would then be obliged to destroy every copy of the software or its elements.

4.    Copyright/copies

Any copy of the software itself or its elements (including, but not only, the pictures, photographs, demonstrations, videos, sounds, music, texts and any other information included in this software), and printable elements are the property of SANTOS they cannot be used without SANTOS agreement.
This software is protected by international laws and treaties. The customer is allowed to make only one backup copy for his own use.

5.    Applicable Laws

Any conflict on this contract will be judged by the French Court, according to applicable laws.

6.    Warranty and responsibility limits

6.1    There is no warranty for subsequent damages

The software is provided « as is » without any warranty from SANTOS, including but not only, values warranties or aim of use warranty.

6.2    There is no warranty

SANTOS cannot be responsible for any damage (including, but not only, loss of profits, activity interruption, information loss) while using or being unable to use the software.

7. Other

This contacts represents the final document, complete and exclusive, formalizing the agreement between the interested parties. It supersedes all prior agreements or contracts, whether oral or written.